Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Reading Specialist Certification

Certificate Level: Graduate
Admissions Requirements: Bachelor's degree
Certificate Type: Post-Baccalaureate
Number of Credits to Completion: 31.0
Instructional Delivery: Online, Campus
Calendar Type: Quarter
Expected Time to Completion: 2 years
Financial Aid Eligibility: Aid eligible*
Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code: 13.1399
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 25-2022; 25-2031

*The current plan of study for this program would only allow for federal financial aid (including Federal Direct Student Loans) for terms that are at least a minimum of 4.5 credits for graduate courses and 6.0 credits for undergraduate courses. This is based on current regulations from the U.S. Department of Education.

About the Program

The Reading Specialist Certificate Program is designed as a stand-alone certificate program for candidates who want to pursue certification in PA or for teachers who already possess an Instructional I certificate in PA or another state and have a desire to become a literacy coach, a literacy program/curriculum consultant (for a school, literacy center, etc.), a reading intervention specialist, or to supplement existing knowledge/skills in developing expertise as a reading instructor. Those who complete the certificate are also eligible to obtain the National Wilson Language Instruction Level 1 by the Wilson Language Corporation. Through reciprocity agreements among the states, graduates can transfer their certification in almost any state across the United StatesIf you hold a certification from another state, you must check with your state’s Department of Education to determine how to obtain the equivalent Reading Specialist certification in your state. 

Clearances and field placement applications must be submitted before participating in coursework with classroom-based field components. Successful completion of all courses with a grade of B or better and 3.0 cum GPA, satisfactory participation in all required field-based experiences and passing scores of the Praxis exam are required for recommendation for PA Reading specialist certification. 

Additional Information

For more information about this program, please visit the Reading Specialist Certification certificate web page.

Program Requirements

Reading Specialist Certificate Requirements:
EDLS 550Theories of Reading and Writing3.0
EDLS 555Understanding Literacy through Sociocultural Perspectives3.0
EDLS 560Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (7-12)3.0
EDLS 565Constructing Meaning through Reading and Writing3.0
EDLS 570Literacy and Evaluation3.0
EDLS 575Responding to Children's and Young Adult Literature3.0
EDLS 620Applied Methods in Multisensory Reading Instruction1.0
EDLS 622Basic Word Study I3.0
EDLS 623Basic Word Study II3.0
EDLS 624Multisensory Practicum I1.0
EDLS 625Multisensory Practicum II1.0
EDLS 626Multisensory Practicum III1.0
EDLS 650Designing a Literacy Program3.0
Total Credits31.0

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
EDLS 6201.0EDLS 5503.0EDLS 555 (10 hr Observation)3.0EDLS 560 (15 hr Practicum in-class activities)*3.0
 EDLS 6223.0EDLS 6233.0EDLS 570 (5 hr Practicum in-class assessment)*3.0
 EDLS 624 (20 hr. Practicum working 1 on 1 with student)*1.0EDLS 625 (20 hr. Practicum working 1 on 1 with student)*1.0EDLS 626 (20 hr Practicum working 1 on 1 with student)*1.0
 1 7 7 7
Second Year
EDLS 5653.0   
EDLS 575 (Practicum - 3 student interviews)*3.0   
EDLS 650 (20-30 hrs Practicum - clinical component designing literacy program)*3.0   
Total Credits 31

Courses require all students (regardless of being an in-service teacher) to update and submit all required clearances (FBI and all other clearances required of your State/District) to the Field Placement Office via and electronically complete the AY Field Placement Application Form for courses by term for entire academic year. For all clearance information go to the School of Education's Field Placement Office Website.

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