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ENTP 101 Life Strategies 3.0 Credits

The course explores the accelerating job market evolution and why future careers and earning a living will be vastly different from even recent history. Facts present why people should embrace entrepreneurship as a “habit of mind" as they maneuver future career options. The course introduces key personal, entrepreneurial skills valuable to every student to help them navigate their future whether or not they plan to be an entrepreneur. The course also introduces the fundamentals of starting an entrepreneurial endeavor, providing students with a basic understanding of startup essentials and why a startup isn’t just a smaller version of a large business. The course offers students the ability to frame a potential business idea for consideration by others, using only a few simple models, common sense, and logic.

College/Department: Close School of Entrepreneurship-3145
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Computer Science

...ENGL 101 or 111 3.0 COOP 101...ACCT, BLAW, BUSN, ECON, ENTP, FIN, HRMT, INTB...

Biomedical Engineering

...0 COOP 101 * 1.0 CIVC 101 1...MGMT, OPM, ORGB; CULA, ENTP, CRTV, EDLT, EHRD...

Software Engineering

...ENGL 101 or 111 3.0 COOP 101...ACCT, BLAW, BUSN, ECON, ENTP, FIN, HRMT, INTB...

Data Science

...ENGL 101 or 111 3.0 CIVC 101...ACCT, BLAW, BUSN, ECON, ENTP, FIN, HRMT, INTB...

Minor in Engineering Leadership

...of Business. Program Requirements * ENTP 101 is a prerequisite for all ENTP courses, but it...

The College of Engineering

...ENGL 101 , ENGL 102 , ENGL 103 & ENGL 105 ), Entertainment & Arts Management (EAM), Entrepreneurship (ENTP), Environmental...

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