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ENTP 225 [WI] Mindfulness & Wellbeing 3.0 Credits

Modern-day demands create stress in workers’ lives, and gone unmanaged, stress can have devastating physical, psychological and financial implications. Investing in one’s psychological and emotional health pays long-term dividends because it buffers the negative effects of stress, and helps individuals become their best selves. Based upon the practice of mindfulness, and the domain of positive psychology, this course teaches students how to cope with contemporary challenges, and to become more proactive and to flourish in their entrepreneurial endeavors despite them.

College/Department: Close School of Entrepreneurship-3145
Repeat Status: Not repeatable for credit

Computer Science BS / Computer Science MS

...Quarter Minimum Required Credits: 225.5 Co-op...499), ECON (100-499), ENTP (100-499), FIN...

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