College of Computing & Informatics

From our position on the leading edge of information and technology, Drexel University’s College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) instills the knowledge and skills necessary for our students to lead and innovate across industries in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Building on Drexel University’s exceptional foundation of entrepreneurship and cooperative education, we provide unparalleled professional experiences and on-the-job training that is vital to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world. At CCI, our unique structure bringing computing and informatics together under one roof in a dynamic, collaborative college allows us to spot trends before they emerge, to solve problems before they occur, and to build a better tomorrow starting today.

The College contributes to theory and practice along dimensions that include technical, human, organizational, policy, and societal considerations. This broad perspective positions the College to address the complex, multi-disciplinary problems that are increasingly common as society becomes more dependent on information technology.

The College's academic programs provide broad and deep coverage of computing and informatics. For more information about the College, please visit the College’s website.

About the College

The College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) offers a number of undergraduate degrees in computer science, computing and security technology, data science, information systems, and software engineering. The degree programs are open to freshmen and transfers from other departments at Drexel and other universities. Students have access to the computing facilities available to all Drexel students.

The College educates professionals through its interdisciplinary programs to meet a wide range of needs in the computing and informatics fields to benefit all sectors of society.

Transfer admission for traditional undergraduate programs occurs in the fall term only due to the sequence of required courses. Internal transfer students can be admitted at any term. Admission to the BS in Computing and Security Technology is offered on a rolling basis. Please contact an undergraduate advisor for more information.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education emphasizes career management through experiential learning as an integral part of the education process. The co-op is based on employment in practical, major-related positions consistent with the interests, abilities, and aptitudes of the students.

For more general information on Drexel University's co-op opportunities, visit the Drexel Steinbright Career Development Center.

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