Graduate Minor in Arts Administration

About the Graduate Minor

The Graduate Minor in Arts Administration enables interested students pursuing other graduate degrees at Drexel the opportunity to learn about the business structures and policy systems of creative enterprises, and to understand the basic operations of arts and cultural organizations.

Admission Requirements

Students must be accepted into another graduate program at Drexel University and must complete an application and interview before acceptance into the minor program. Contact the program director for Arts Administration and Museum Leadership for admission to the minor.

For more information about this minor, please visit the Westphal minors web page.

Required Courses for AADM Minor
AADM 505Overview of the Arts3.0
AADM 520Creative Enterprise and Innovation3.0
AAML 550Management Techniques in Arts and Cultural Organizations3.0
Possible Elective Courses for AADM Minor (Choose 1)3.0
International Cultural Policy
Equitable Cultural Practices
Arts Entrepreneurship
Arts in Education
Creative Placemaking
Performing Arts Management
Visual Arts Organization Management
Community Cultural Planning
Political Activism in the Arts
Special Topics in Arts Administration
Legal and Ethical Issues in Arts and Culture
Marketing & Engagement in Arts and Cultural Orgs.
Revenue Development in Arts and Cultural Orgs.
Financial Accounting in Arts and Cultural Orgs.
Technology Tools for Arts and Cultural Managers
Leadership, Strategy & Planning in Arts and Cult.
Total Credits12.0