Computer Engineering BS / Project Management MS

Major: Computer Engineering and Project Management
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) and Master of Science in Project Management (MSPROJ)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Total Credit Hours: 226.5
Co-op Options: Three Co-op (Five years)
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 14.0901
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 15-1132; 15-1133; 15-1143; 17-2031

About the Program

Although most of the students in the Project Management are mid-level working professionals, many College of Engineering students have completed at least 1 co-op experience. This will give them sufficient professional background to make meaningful contributions to the courses in our program. The BSCE students students will get to interact with project management professionals who are currently in industry which will serve them well in future co-ops and when they enter the workplace. 

Admission Requirements

Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2; be classified as a 3rd year (pre-junior) student and have completed at least completed at least 1 co-op experience or have at least one year of professional experience. We will also require students to submit an essay discussing the following:

  • Why they are pursuing a BS in Computer Engineering (BSCE) / MS in Project Management (MJPROJ)
  • How they feel having a BSCE/MSPROJ will set them apart from their peers in future co-ops/career choice

Degree Requirements

General Education/Liberal Studies Requirements
CIVC 101Introduction to Civic Engagement1.0
COOP 101Career Management and Professional Development *1.0
ENGL 101Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research3.0
or ENGL 111 English Composition I
ENGL 102Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing3.0
or ENGL 112 English Composition II
ENGL 103Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres3.0
or ENGL 113 English Composition III
PHIL 315Engineering Ethics3.0
UNIV E101The Drexel Experience1.0
COM Elective: **3.0
Techniques of Speaking
Technical Communication
General Education Electives **15.0
Foundation Requirements
CHEM 101General Chemistry I3.5
CS 260Data Structures3.0
CS 265Advanced Programming Tools and Techniques3.0
ENGR 111Introduction to Engineering Design & Data Analysis3.0
ENGR 113First-Year Engineering Design3.0
ENGR 131Introductory Programming for Engineers3.0
or ENGR 132 Programming for Engineers
ENGR 231Linear Engineering Systems3.0
ENGR 232Dynamic Engineering Systems3.0
MATH 121Calculus I4.0
MATH 122Calculus II4.0
MATH 200Multivariate Calculus4.0
MATH 221Discrete Mathematics3.0
MATH 291Complex and Vector Analysis for Engineers4.0
PHYS 101Fundamentals of Physics I4.0
PHYS 102Fundamentals of Physics II4.0
PHYS 201Fundamentals of Physics III4.0
Science Elective: Any BIO, PHYS or CHEM course3.0
Professional Requirements
ECE 101Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Real World1.0
ECE 105Programming for Engineers II3.0
ECE 200Digital Logic Design4.0
ECE 201Foundations of Electric Circuits I4.0
ECE 301Foundations of Electric Circuits II4.0
ECE 303ECE Laboratory3.0
ECE 361Probability and Data Analytics for Engineers4.0
ECE 491 [WI] Senior Design Project I3.0
ECE 492 [WI] Senior Design Project II3.0
ECE 493 [WI] Senior Design Project III3.0
ECEC 201Advanced Programming for Engineers3.0
ECEC 204Design with Microcontrollers3.0
ECEC 355Computer Organization & Architecture3.0
ECES 301Signals and Systems I4.0
CE Core Elective ***3.0
ECE Electives ***6.0
400+ ECE and/or ECEC Electives9.0
Free Electives27.0
PROJ 501Introduction to Project Management3.0
PROJ 502Project Planning & Scheduling3.0
PROJ 515Project Estimation & Cost Management3.0
PROJ 510Project Quality Management3.0
PROJ 520Project Risk Assessment & Management3.0
PROJ 530Managing Multiple Projects3.0
PROJ 540Project Procurement Management3.0
PROJ 535International Project Management3.0
PROJ 525E-Tools for Project Management3.0
or PROJ 645 Project Management Tools
PROJ 601Project Leadership1.5
PROJ 602Project Teamwork1.5
PROJ 695Capstone Project in Project Management3.0
Graduate Electives 12.0
Total Credits226.5

Writing-Intensive Course Requirements

In order to graduate, all students must pass three writing-intensive courses after their freshman year. Two writing-intensive courses must be in a student's major. The third can be in any discipline. Students are advised to take one writing-intensive class each year, beginning with the sophomore year, and to avoid “clustering” these courses near the end of their matriculation. Transfer students need to meet with an academic advisor to review the number of writing-intensive courses required to graduate.

A "WI" next to a course in this catalog may indicate that this course can fulfill a writing-intensive requirement. For the most up-to-date list of writing-intensive courses being offered, students should check the Writing Intensive Course List at the University Writing Program. Students scheduling their courses can also conduct a search for courses with the attribute "WI" to bring up a list of all writing-intensive courses available that term.

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
CHEM 1013.5CIVC 101 or COOP 101*1.0COOP 101 or CIVC 101*1.0VACATION
ECE 1011.0ECE 2004.0ECE 1053.0 
ENGL 1013.0ENGR 131 or 1323.0ENGL 1023.0 
ENGR 1113.0MATH 1224.0ENGR 1133.0 
MATH 1214.0PHYS 1014.0MATH 2004.0 
UNIV 1011.0 PHYS 1024.0 
 15.5 16 18 0
Second Year
ECEC 2013.0ECEC 2043.0  
ENGL 103 or 1133.0ENGR 2323.0  
ENGR 2313.0PHYS 2014.0  
MATH 2213.0(UG) Free Elective3.0  
(UG) Free Elective3.0Communications Elective**3.0  
 19 19 0 0
Third Year
ECE 3014.0PHIL 3153.0PROJ 5153.0PROJ 5103.0
ECEC 3553.0(UG) CE Core Elective***3.0  
ECES 3014.0(UG) Science Elective: Any BIO, PHYS or CHEM course3.0  
(UG) General Education Elective**3.0(UG) Free Elective3.0  
PROJ 5013.0PROJ 5023.0  
 20 19 3 3
Fourth Year
MATH 2914.0(UG) Free Elective6.0PROJ 5353.0GR Graduate Elective3.0
ECE Elective63.0(UG) General Education Elective**3.0  
(UG) Free Elective3.0PROJ 5303.0  
PROJ 5203.0PROJ 5403.0  
(GR) Graduate Elective3.0   
 19 18 3 3
Fifth Year
ECE 4913.0ECE 4923.0ECE 4933.0 
(UG) ECE Elective (400+ level)††3.0(UG) ECE Elective (400+ level)††3.0(UG) ECE Elective (400+ level)††3.0 
(UG) General Education Elective**3.0(UG) General Education Elective**3.0(UG) General Education Elective**3.0 
(UG) Free Elective3.0(UG) Free Elective3.0(UG) Elective3.0 
PROJ 525 or 6453.0PROJ 6021.5PROJ 6953.0 
PROJ 6011.5(GR) Graduate Elective3.0(GR) Graduate Elective3.0 
 16.5 16.5 18 
Total Credits 226.5
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