Minor in Food Studies

About the Minor

Food is central to our existence and is touched upon in a variety of disciplines at the university. This minor seeks to capture and help students navigate the breadth of course offerings that touch upon food systems. Because food systems can be studied through many different lenses, students can adapt this food studies minor to their program of study. For example, students interested in public health policy issues can create a minor of hands-on community-based culinary classes, public health, and nutrition classes. If a student is interested in food-related research and development, he or she might tailor the minor with business- or entrepreneurship-centered classes and practical experience in the Drexel Food Lab.

Program Requirements

Required Courses
CULA 115Culinary Fundamentals3.0
CULA 405 [WI] Culture and Gastronomy I3.0
FDSC 120Food and the Senses3.0
Food Studies Electives
Select a minimum of 15.0 credits from the list below:15.0
Foundations of Professional Baking
Culture and Gastronomy II
Food Writing
Social Entrepreneurship
Launch It!: Early Stage
Laws of the Hospitality Industry
Continental, Ethnic, and Regional Cuisine
Economics of Tourism
Nutrition, Foods, and Health
and Introduction to Nutrition & Food
Nutritional Chemistry
Nutrient Quality & Composition
Intermediate Nutrition
Foods and Nutrition of World Cultures
Community Nutrition
Public Health 101
Introduction to Community Health
The Politics of Food
Total Credits24.0
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