Exercise Science BS

Major: Exercise Science
Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Science (BS)
Calendar Type: Quarter
Minimum Required Credits: 183.0
Co-op Options: One Co-op (Four years)
Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code: 31.0505
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code: 29-1128

About the Program

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Exercise Science at Drexel University integrates a foundation of developmental health and wellness with rigorous training in exercise science and sports medicine concepts to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities required as an advocate for the promotion of health, well-being and physical performance.

The curriculum is designed to apply these scientific concepts to physical activity and the design of safe and effective fitness practices for diverse populations. Practices are emphasized that are essential for creating a culture of diversity, equity, inclusiveness and interprofessional practice, education and research. Drexel University Exercise Science students will be well-positioned to sit for group exercise and health/fitness certifications with organizations such as the American College of Sports Medicine and other professional and accredited agencies/bodies.

Additional Information

For more information about this program, please email askcnhp@drexel.edu. Additional information can be found on the Exercise Science website.

Admission Requirements

  • Three years of mathematics (algebra I and II, geometry)
  • Two years of laboratory science (biology, chemistry or physics)

Degree Requirements

Core Exercise Science Courses
ESCI 101Foundations of Exercise Science4.0
ESCI 201Introduction to Exercise Science4.0
ESCI 210Health and Wellness Throughout the Lifespan3.0
ESCI 315Concepts & Practices in Inclusive Physical Activity3.0
ESCI 320Technological Advancements and Integrations in Exercise Science3.0
ESCI 330Physical Growth and Motor Behavior3.0
ESCI 340Exercise Physiology II4.0
ESCI 410Aging and Exercise4.0
ESCI 415Pharmacology & Ergogenic Aids in Exercise Science3.0
ESCI 420Wellness and Fitness Program Management3.0
ESCI 435Exercise is Medicine: A Campus Experience4.0
HSCI 325Exercise Physiology4.0
HSCI 326Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology5.0
HSCI 380Strength and Conditioning4.0
HSCI 381Exercise for Clinical Populations4.0
HSCI 410Psychology of Physical Activity4.0
HSCI 425Exercise Testing and Prescription4.0
SCL 210Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries3.0
SMT 285Sport, Industry, and Society4.0
General Requirements
CIVC 101Introduction to Civic Engagement1.0
COOP 101Career Management and Professional Development1.0
UNIV NH101The Drexel Experience1.0
Biology Sequence
BIO 131
BIO 134
Cells and Biomolecules
and Cells and Biomolecules Lab
BIO 132
BIO 135
Genetics and Evolution
and Genetics and Evolution Lab
BIO 133
BIO 136
Physiology and Ecology
and Anatomy and Ecology Lab
Chemistry Sequence
CHEM 101General Chemistry I3.5
CHEM 102General Chemistry II4.5
CHEM 103General Chemistry III4.5
English Sequence
ENGL 101Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research3.0
or ENGL 111 English Composition I
ENGL 102Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing3.0
or ENGL 112 English Composition II
ENGL 103Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres3.0
or ENGL 113 English Composition III
Mathematics Sequence
MATH 101Introduction to Analysis I4.0
MATH 102Introduction to Analysis II4.0
PSY 101General Psychology I3.0
NFS 100
NFS 101
Nutrition, Foods, and Health
and Introduction to Nutrition & Food
Public Health
PBHL 101Public Health 1013.0
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3.0
Anatomy and Physiology Courses
HSCI 101Anatomy and Physiology I5.0
HSCI 102Anatomy and Physiology II5.0
HSCI 103Anatomy and Physiology III5.0
HSCI 310Introduction to Research Methods4.0
HSCI 315Current Issues in Health Sciences4.0
or HSCI 450 Undergraduate Research Experience
PHYS 152Introductory Physics I4.0
Statistics and Assessment
HSCI 345Statistics for Health Sciences4.5
HSCI 201Health Assessment through the Lifespan4.0
Exercise Science Electives (Minimum of 9 credits)9.0
Electrocardiogram Interpretation & Graded Exercise Testing
Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
Advanced Anatomy
Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
Epidemiology in Public Health
Introductory Physics II
Introductory Physics III
Health Psychology
Business Electives (select one)3.0-4.0
Accounting for Professionals
Accounting Essentials for New Ventures
Applied Business Analysis
Financial Literacy
The Business of Sport
Free electives 6.0-8.0
Total Credits183.0-186.0

Sample Plan of Study

First Year
BIO 131
BIO 134
5.0BIO 132
BIO 135
5.0BIO 133
BIO 136
CHEM 1013.5CHEM 1024.5CHEM 1034.5 
ENGL 101 or 1113.0CIVC 1011.0ENGL 103 or 1133.0 
ESCI 1014.0ENGL 102 or 1123.0MATH 1024.0 
UNIV NH1011.0MATH 1014.0  
 16.5 17.5 16.5 0
Second Year
ESCI 2103.0COOP 1011.0HSCI 1035.0HSCI 2014.0
HSCI 1015.0ESCI 2014.0HSCI 3454.5SOC 1013.0
NFS 100
NFS 101
3.0HSCI 1025.0PBHL 1013.0Business elective3.0-4.0
PSY 1013.0HSCI 3104.0PHYS 1524.0Free elective3.0-4.0
 14 14 16.5 13-15
Third Year
  HSCI 3254.0ESCI 3404.0
  SCL 2103.0HSCI 3814.0
  SMT 2854.0Free elective 3.0-4.0
  Exercise Science Elective 3.0 
 0 0 17 14-15
Fourth Year
HSCI 315 or 4504.0ESCI 4104.0ESCI 3303.0 
HSCI 3265.0ESCI 4153.0ESCI 4354.0 
HSCI 4254.0ESCI 4203.0HSCI 4104.0 
Exercise Science Elective 3.0HSCI 3804.0Exercise Science Elective 3.0 
 16 14 14 
Total Credits 183-186
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