DragonsTeach Middle Years Certification Minor

About the Minor

This minor can be coupled with a variety of majors and fulfils the coursework that leads to a PA Instructional I teaching certification in grades 4-8. It will provide the opportunity to learn about teaching middle level grades and to develop core knowledge and practices in education. Candidates will select to focus on certification in two middle level content areas. This minor includes coursework that meets the requirements to be recommended for teacher certification in PA.

The program requires that candidates have a B average (3.0 GPA) in content courses needed for teacher certification in addition to the grade of B or better in each EDEX, EDUC, ESTM, and MTED courses throughout their time in the program. These requirements must be satisfied for Drexel to recommend the candidates for teacher certification upon graduation and/or be considered to have completed the program. Clearances and field placement applications must be submitted before participating in coursework with classroom-based field components. 

Program Requirements

Introductory Course
ESTM 201DragonsTeach: Step 11.5
Special Education and English Language Learner Courses
EDEX 142Special Education Foundations: Referral and Assessment3.0
EDEX 344Inclusive Practices3.0
EDEX 368 [WI] Literacy and Content Skill Development PK-123.0
EDUC 365Foundations in Instructing English Language Learners3.0
Pedagogy Courses
EDUC 123Adolescent Development3.0
EDUC 308Creating a Positive Classroom Climate3.0
EDUC 316Teaching in Urban Contexts3.0
EDUC 328Language Arts Processes 4-83.0
EDUC 360English/Language Arts Teaching Methods for the Middle Years1.5
EDUC 361Middle Years Science Methods1.5
EDUC 362Middle Years Social Studies Methods1.5
MTED 363Middle Years Mathematics Methods (4-8)1.5
Student Teaching
ESTM 409Student Teaching Seminar (repeat 3-credit course twice)6.0
Total Credits37.5

Additional Information

More information is available at the School of Education's website.

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