Minor in Chemical Engineering

About the Minor

Engineering students can obtain a minor in Chemical Engineering by taking 24.0 credits from the courses listed below.

Admission Requirements

Pre-requisites for the 200-level minor core.

Program Requirements

Required Core Courses
CHE 211Material and Energy Balances I4.0
CHE 212Material and Energy Balances II4.0
CHE 220Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering I3.0
Complete one of the following *4.0
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
Complete one of the following courses **4.0
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Choose from other CHE core courses, elective courses or research5.0
Material and Energy Balances I
Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering I
Computational Methods in Chemical Engineering II
Separation Processes
Statistics and Design of Experiments
Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
BioProcess Principles
Bioprocess Unit Operations
Engineering Economics and Professional Practice
Integrated Case Studies in Chemical Engineering
Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
Fundamentals of Solar Cells
Chemical Engineering Laboratory III
Biochemical Engineering
Process Dynamics and Control
Chemical Process Safety
Independent Study in CHE
Special Topics in CHE
Total Credits24.0

 CHE will not accept ENGR 210 towards the thermodynamics requirement


Students who take an equivalent transport course as part of their core curriculum must take a different transport course (e.g., MEM cannot count CHE 341 towards the transport requirement)

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